47 pictures.

So you know how much I hate to fly, and you know how ironic that is considering how much I used to love love love flying and airplanes and fighter jets and space and JINX SEND GINNY TO SPACE, as Woy often texts to me out of the clear blue sky for no apparent reason.

If you don’t know what movie that’s from, you can’t be my friend, you ridiculously young whippersnapper.

God. I’ve gotten so old. Where the hell did my 30s go? Do you have them? Can I have six of them back?

As I was saying in meandering fashion, I’m old. Wait, no. I HATE FLYING.

Hate it.


Too high. Too fast. Too bumpy. Too burning death-y.

But when the 171st Air Refueling Wing of the Air National Guard invited me to see what it’s like to refuel a jet in mid-flight, I manned up. I put my big girl Depends on. I doubled up with some Poise Pads. I kissed my kids and my husband goodbye and I got into a cavernous plane … and well, you’ll have to go read to see how I reacted when a fighter jet flew within 40 feet of our plane.

Read it here.

And take a look at these pictures. I’m still struggling with feeling less than competent with my DSLR. Hoping Burgh Baby will have a new class soon for those of us who know the basics, but want to go even further with our photography. Ahem.

The briefing. This is where we learned all about the 171st and the planes we would be flying in. We also learned about the airmen (there are LOTS of women in the 171st too. It just so happens that our flight on this day was with all men.) that would be taking us up. Many of them are part-timers who have jobs outside of the Air National Guard. They are teachers, engineers, computer techs, etc. They are awesome. Brave. And can have a plane in the air at a moment’s notice if called upon.

In the plane. We were told to dress warmly despite the fact that it was the middle of the summer. Because it was going to get SUPER COLD up in the air.

When you read the column, this is the pilot who said, “Because it’s us.”

In the cockpit heading toward our rendezvous. SO MANY BUTTONS, JINX.

Up in the air. There’s something oddly comforting about seeing USAF on the wing of your plane.

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