Yinzer Link Dump

… so I says to her, I says …

Oh! Hai!

Been a while since I put something on this space, so let’s rectify that.

Just because I’m not writing as much as I used to, doesn’t mean I’m not reading more than ever. I am. Everything. And since I do a lot of that reading on the web, I’m often sucked into Pittsburgh-flavored wormholes with Pittsburgh-flavored jimmies on top.

Today was such a morning. One little “Pittsburgh” search on Pinterest and WHERE DID I GO, DOCTOR WHO?!

Everywhere. I went everywhere and stumbled on so much that I don’t even know what to do with it all, so I’m just going to leave them all here until I figure it out.

1. No clue of the origin of this. People are awesome at pinning pictures on Pinterest without linking to the source.


Put that in your pocket for Steelers time.

2. Another pinned pic of Pittsburgh on Pinterest with no pinned picture psource. (What? I was doing so good with the alliteration. I had to stick with it.)


I want that framed and hanging on my wall, but alas, there’s no source for it. Help?

3. Amazing Pittsburgh iPhone, iPod, and Galaxy cases, n’at.



4. Awesome Pittsburgh graffiti in Oakland at Fifth and Halket. Thanks to Twitter for finding the location for me.

the beach balls are escaping!!


It’s one of many doors in Oakland painted with cool art. You can see the others here. 

5. Speaking of graffiti, this is supposedly in Pittsburgh.


Can’t find it, but I did stumble on this Google Map of what seems to be Batman-themed graffiti spots in Pittsburgh? Not sure. But I’ll get to the bottom of that shit. Consider that shit’s bottom gotten to.

Oh, look! That was fast. Here’s the shit’s bottom. 

(h/t @HelloHahaNarf)

6. Expect some version of this to appear as a crapton of tramp stamps:

8b9859bec588a7f900261b478b724d297. Why are there so many pictures of girls wearing Penguins jerseys and no pants?


8. Roberto Clemente was gorgeous. Gorgeous.



I know there have been studies on the symmetricalness of Denzel’s face, but have they ever studied Roberto’s?

9. This is the photoset from the photo booth at last night’s Best Restaurants Party at Heinz Field, put on by Pittsburgh Magazine. My husband and I hopped in there with the Mike and Meg Woychecks, and I want you to know that in that first picture, I just invented something awesome … The Buc Bunny!


Not to be confused with picture number two which is an inquisitive monster bunny con duckface. Note, Monster Bunny Con Duckface is a new dish at Salt of the Earth. Don’t quote me on that.

And picture number three is our new band — Puss Explosion of the Jejuni.

Anyways, the Buc Bunny has arrived. Suck it, puck bunnies.

You too, Portland.

Also, in that last picture? Pretty sure Woy suddenly heard the national anthem being played.




  1. MH
    June 5, 2013 4:04 pm

    There’s a “For Rent” sign on the front of the shop that has the mural with the balls bouncing down the steps.

  2. PA Girl in VA
    June 5, 2013 4:28 pm

    That Pittsburgh sports logo mash-up would be super-cool if it had the current Pens logo – someone get on that, stat!!

  3. bucdaddy
    June 6, 2013 1:22 am

    9, photo 2: My pants just exploded.

  4. MattDC
    June 7, 2013 11:06 pm

    Allow me to be an early commentary on the Pens loss to Boston. The reality is that the Cup has gone to the luckiest team and goalie — including the Pens — in the last ten years. In recent years, whoever gets into the final eight has an equal shot at the Cup.

  5. Kristina
    June 13, 2013 11:07 am

    Trey Songz kinda resembles Roberto Clemente.