Pittsburgh History with Ginny … and cookies.

So I says to my kid, I says, “Your popple waffed.”

And then I says, “I meant to say your waffle popped. Let me run myself through the stroke tests real quick here while you get your toffle out of the woaster.”

How do our brains do that? Switch letters around like that?

And what does that have to do with anything? Nothing. I just wasted twenty seconds of your precious time.


As you know, I am a true crazy person when it comes to Pittsburgh history. The subscription to the Post-Gazette archives is the best money I’ve spent since Amazon Prime.

I received an email from an editor at Pittsburgh Magazine not too long ago in which she let me know that the History Center had emailed her about another matter and in doing so mentioned they had uncovered evidence that a statue of mythical steelman Joe Magarac was once proposed to be placed at the tip of the Point.

So, you know me … I downed six cookies and two glasses of wine.

And then I spent some time in a shame spiral.

And THEN … I ate more cookies.

And then finally I started researching, and hit paydirt.

Learning about the BATSHIT INSANE OH MAH GAWD IT WAS GOING TO BE AS BIG AS CHRIST THE REDEEMER IN RIO statue of Joe Magarac designed for the Point, and finding a picture of the clay model of it, led me to stumble upon information regarding a 2,500-seat amphitheater that was once at the tip of the Point. And that led me to learn about what Frank Lloyd Wright wanted to put at the Point. And that led me to learn who Stanley Roush was and what HE wanted to put at the Point.

All told, I spent about 12 hours in research and cookies and wine.

Why are cookies so delicious?

Did I just waste ten more seconds of your time talking about cookies? You betcha.


I can’t stop laughing at that and I’m not even drunk. The 80s were awful. Really really awful.

Where were we? Right, the confluence! (DRINK!)

So I’m reading and researching and hunting and finally birthed this post over at Pittsburgh Magazine. In that post, you’ll notice I acquired rights to an image of the amphitheater (which was SO HARD TO FIND. The damn thing was there for like a year and no one has any pictures of it. Go check all your gram’s pictures from 1959 and see if you can find any please.)

While I was zooming around the image provided to me by the Brady Stewart Archive, I noticed this standing at the Point.

What is it?! Where is it?! Why is it?! What does it do?! What is it called?! WHAT IS IT DAMN IT?!?!

Anyway, go read that post and see all the fantastic pictures of crazy shit they used to want to put at the Point.

It’s been nice knowing you. I’ll be useless until I get to the bottom of this.

Send cookies.




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