It’s NOT okay and I’m sick of it.

Today is Twitter’s 10th birthday. I’m conflicted about that.

This post isn’t meant to be political because as I’ve written many times before, I’d sooner coat myself in pollen, cover myself in bees then fling myself into an active volcano than write about politics because when you write about politics, shit hits the fan in the most shitty fannest way it has ever shit fanned.

That’s a solid sentence. I’m not editing it.

So, listen, I’m not a fan of Donald Trump’s. Maybe you are and that’s cool. Keep reading. Or maybe you’ve hitched your wagon to another political candidate. That’s all good. Me? I’m a registered Republican (this election might change that) and I’m not too fond of Trump as a person, or at least of the person he has made himself out to be publicly. His “persona.” Not a fan.

And I don’t hide my dislike for him. Instead, I use humor to show my Twitter followers at times how I feel about him, because the only way I won’t lose my mind about politics and show up at places with tables just so I can flip those tables (watch out, Ikea), is to approach it with good humor. Laugh instead of scream. Chuckle instead of cry.

So after I saw a headline that started with “Donald Trump leading the movement …”, I stopped. I didn’t want to read any more about any movement he would lead. I tweeted this:

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 12.14.40 PM

That is indeed a hilarious fire tweet. I can’t believe it didn’t get 7,000 RTs and a fave from Barack Obama himself. Anyway, that was weeks ago. On Saturday, a Burgher tweeted this at me:




Wow. First, a simple scroll down his timeline will show you he is indeed a Burgher, tweeting and following local accounts and local media peeps.

Second, after I called him out on Twitter for being such a giant racist doucheface, he deleted his tweet.


Can you wrap your head around this? The racism? The immediate assumption that I must be hispanic and therefore must be illegal and therefore must have anchor babies (ugh) and YAY DONALD TRUMP IS SHIPPING YOU BACK IF HE WINS, YOU PUTA!

I was stunned. How assured must you be of your racism, how comfortable must you feel with the validity and righteousness of that racism that you find it perfectly okay to tweet that to me simply because I’m married to a Mexican?

Look, he can sit there on twitter and tweet hateful tweet after hateful tweet about large swaths of people, fine. But when you DIRECT your hate to a PERSON and you say it TO THEM, that’s hate speech. That’s not okay, regardless of what Twitter’s complete inaction on addressing people who use their service to spread vicious prejudice to anyone they choose would have you believe. That’s an awkward, convoluted sentence. I’m not editing it.

Now, you will say, he’s a troll. Ignore him. No. NO NO NO NO. I am not ignoring this hate any longer! I will blast it and write it and cut and paste it if by doing so I can stop JUST ONE ASSHOLE from thinking it is okay to speak this way simply because you’ve got a presidential candidate who has somehow emboldened you enough to spew your bile in anyone’s face you don’t like the color of. That is a terribly worded sentence. I’m not editing it.

This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten racial hate aimed at me DESPITE THE FACT THAT I WAS BORN IN PITTSBURGH. Many times people assume I am Mexican because I’m married to a Mexican. Usually those who say awful things to me on Twitter are professional trolls located throughout the world who are simply looking for attention. I ignore those people.

But this guy who I used Google Reverse Image search to make sure he didn’t grab his profile pic from somewhere else on the web?

He’s a BURGHER. I might see him in my restaurant. I might hold an elevator for him. I might pass him at a ball game. He might stand in line in Kennywood in front of my children. You might know him. You might work with him. YOU MIGHT EMPLOY HIM.

And he called my children, my innocent children who could never wrap their brains around this hate … ANCHOR BABIES. My mother yesterday said, “It’s so crazy! You’re as AMERICAN AS THEY COME.”

And I, two glasses of wine deep, said, “IT SHOULDN’T MATTER!”

So what if I’m American. So what if I wasn’t. So what if my husband is a naturalized citizen. IT. SHOULDN’T. MATTER.

Here’s another tweet by this user:




He calls every single man, woman and child trying to escape the violence and death and doom of Syria a RAPEFUGEE.

And again, he’s so assured, so confident, so comfortably racist that he has no problems showing the world. Remember before social media when racists sat on their porches and said their racist bullshit only to the unfortunate few who had the bad luck to find themselves sharing air with them? Gone are those days. These days, and it seems with Trump’s encouragement, racists are standing on their porches shooting their racist bullets into the air, whooping with glee for all to see and hear. They’re setting off firecrackers of hate. They’re dropping NUCLEAR BOMBS OF HATE.

As a good friend said, “What have we become?”

My brother-in-law, a legal permanent resident of the US and an immigrant from Mexico, recently wrote this on his Facebook page about an incident in Market Square on March 4:

Last night I opened the side door at Las Velas, maybe a little too fast, and almost hit a guy with the door as he was walking on the sidewalk. His first reaction was a strange look at me and said, “All you people are always sneaking out of everywhere!” I look at him like excuse me? Immediately he says, “That’s why I’m voting for Trump. I can’t wait for all of you people to go back to your country!” I was so mad but no words were coming out because I was so shocked. So I just smiled and his response was, “I can’t wait to wipe that smile off your face when you have to go back to your country,” and then walked away! In the 11 years that I have been living in the States, I have had a few racial issues, maybe once or twice before, but I have never seen someone looking at me with that much anger! I guess it’s something Mr Trump is causing out there! I don’t care if Trump wins to be honest, I just really hope Trump supporters get that anger out in a different way (like workout, running, etc) not insulting people that you don’t even know who are they or what they are! And please please please remember we are all humans.


I’m stunned.

And his “always sneaking out of everywhere” line? What the hell does that even mean? Are all the Mexicans hiding behind doors and chairs and walls and jumping out at the non-Mexicans and screaming “SURPRISE!” and giving them all heart attacks?

These are the straws that have broken this camel’s back. I’m not staying quiet. I’m calling these jagoffs out now and I hope you’ll join me in exposing them.

It’s not okay and I’m sick of it.

It’s not okay for you to say things to people like this simply because you somehow have come to believe you had ANYTHING TO DO WITH WHAT THE HELL COLOR AND IN WHAT THE HELL COUNTRY YOU WERE BORN.

This public, proud, loud hate is not what Pittsburgh is about and I will be damned if I’ll let Donald Trump let ANY Burgher think this whitewashed version of our city is what Pittsburgh should BECOME. Or to think it’s perfectly fine to SPEAK TO OTHER HUMANS THIS WAY.

Ignoring racism is like walking away from embers smoking on a dry forest floor. We have to at least TRY to stomp it out here, not sit back or walk away or say, “Ignore it” and let the flames grow and grow until it takes over and does real, lasting damage.

Racist Pittsburghers should literally sit down at a computer and research their family history. What country and under what circumstances did your ancestors arrive here? What the hell language did they speak when their toes first touched American soil? Then all you effing racists email me and let me know if any of you can come back with, “100% of my ancestry can be traced to the Pilgrims and there is literally no other blood or color or ethnicity or language to be found anywhere in any part of my family tree so help me God.”

You can send that email to I’ll sit here with my “anchor babies” and wait for it with bated breath.

Stop being jagoffs. Stop believing the color of your skin has somehow elevated you above ANYONE. Start trying to nurture just one percent of Fred Rogers in your soul so that maybe, just maybe, when your head hits the pillow at night you’ll have a tiny bit of love in your heart for someone other than your awful awful self. And if you don’t want your face plastered on my blog, stop spreading your hate on Twitter.

And the rest of us, start letting racists know IT IS NOT OKAY AND YOU ARE SICK OF IT. Be loud. Be proud of inclusion. Be proud of equality. Be proud that YOU at least recognize that we are humans and for that reason, all deserve to be treated with respect. Don’t ignore, but rather stomp out any ember of racism you encounter in Pittsburgh the moment you see it flicker up.

I guess that got a bit political.

Anyone know where I can get a swarm of bees?


  1. Donald Durdan
    March 24, 2016 8:18 am

    I spent 14 years in Detroit. Lived in a community where muslims were in the minority but comprised maybe 8-10% of the population. My first and second hand experiences come from what our son experienced in the school system and the crime reports. Neither arena provided a positive view of any muslim willingness to assimilate or obey laws and regulations.

    I ran a global division and had numerous opportunities to interface with people of all religions and cultures. An open mind was necessary for success

    Our neighbors were Christian arabs. No issues there.

    I don’t draw my views or opinions from the media. Mine are formed from more than a decade of personal experience. I suggest, if others have not had that up close and personal opportunity, it might be prudent for them to open their minds a bit and realize all is not as the progressives suggest.

    Lisa, I hope this addresses your comments about my personal involvement with muslims as well as other cultures. Perhaps now you can share how your views have been formed and justify the notion of a peaceful islam and muslims.

    • Lisa
      March 30, 2016 2:14 pm

      Sorry Donald but it is very hard to believe you, and so I accept the challenge!

      First of all, about Islam and Muslims…

      I am not a specialist of Islam Donald but I will deal with the essential and express what I think, what I feel… through my experience, my own researches, my readings, my thoughts etc…

      First of all, do you know how to greet in islam?

      The greeting in islam is “Salam aleikoum” which means “peace be upon you” so you have already wrong when you say this religion is not peaceful, it’s the first thing.

      The second point Donald, you say that muslims do not integrate or do not want to integrate to the society… ok – can you tell me what is the proportion of muslims in prison in comparison to the other communities? Very very low and you that know very well, otherwise the 3 million muslims who live in the United States would be all in prison.

      Now, you have not answered to my question but I understand easily with your silence you don’t have neither neighbor and even less muslim friend… Sorry but to speak about a religion I think we must have a few basics.. and when we hav none muslim friend or neighbor because he is supposed or suspected to be a potential terrorist, it is more easier to criticize and to believe the media, of course.

      I can assure you that in a neighborhood and it is not only in my country or in your country, but around the world, where in a neighborhood you have Muslims, Christians and Jews, once a person is in need, the first person that will help you (day and night) is the Muslim and you know why? Because the concept of neighborhood is very important for Muslims ans in Islam, and the solidarity and mutual assistance are fundamentals in Islam.

      If I was in Pittsburgh (I think you live in this town) I’ll invite you into a Muslim-American family that I know well so that you can see with your own eyes what is Islam that you seem to “demonize” as Trump does.

      I’ll also introduce you to many executives muslims who have a high level background in their work, they have for most of them big positions and responsibility in their work.

      And at the end I shall carry you at the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh to see by yourself if really muslims have some problem of assimilation as you say, especially on Friday, day of big prayer to listen to the sermon just and realize if these people are not peaceful or not.

      Do you know what it is saying during these sermons? The Imam makes long sermons about different topics as love, tolerance, relations between men and women, love of others, the neighborhood, the love must be Muslims between Christians and Muslims and Jews and all others etc. etc…

      During the month of ramadan for muslims when they fast along day, what do they do they do the evening after eating?

      They pray during all the nignht, can you imagine that ? To whom they pray to ? The Rollings Stones ? U2 ? Or lady Gaga ? No ! To God Donald, just God !!

      And you say these people are not peaceful ?? You make me smile.

      Please tell me which other religion where their belivers pray at minimum 5 times per day ?

      And all the year your muslims friends sorry My muslims friends come offering food, pastries to all their neighbors, and this whatever their confession.

      In my country, I see an incredible number of muslims very involved in the streets in the cold winter driving with their own cars as volunteers giving food to the homeless, every day.

      The associations who help Syria, Libya, Africa in general, Palestine, Burma are muslim associations which raise funds to give food, medicines, to build homes etc, around the word.

      Yours words make me quite puzzled and interrogative, really.

      I’ll take two example…

      When you have a rotten apple on a apple tree, does it mean that all the apples are rotten?

      If you are drunk and you have an accident with your car, is it the fault of the constructor of the car? or your fault?

      It is easy to accuse muslims of all the ills of the Earth, but it is necessary that you, and everyone understand that muslims should not be ashamed or sorry to be what they are, I mean muslim just because of some barbaric fanatics uneducated and frustrated.

      Most of the terrorists who committed these horrible crimes in Paris, Brussels, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan etc… are drug addicts, they have nothing to do and have no link but really nothing to do with this religion even if they claim they make that in the name of.

      For your information, one of the Obama council at the White House (Rumana Hamed) is a muslim woman (and additionally wears a veil) and the White House has not yet exploded!

      (Before continuing the answer, and please let me finish to answer you, tonight on WESA FM there is an interesting Re-Broadcast especially for those who know noting about islam : The topic is :Understanding Islam.) You should listen..I think.


      • Donald Durdan
        March 30, 2016 10:27 pm

        Can you list any religion on the planet that is currently cutting off heads, raping women, forcing conversion, etc. If you can I will agree that these acts are examples of a peaceful people and therefore accept your premise that muslims are exactly that. To suggest that all these heinous acts are conducted by drug addicts just proves your imagination is quite vivid, distorted or both.

        I grew up in Pittsburgh and lived there for almost 25 years. I’ve lived in a number of other states as well as Nations in Europe. I lived in a Detroit suburb for more than a decade and had a very close view of the workings of the muslim culture. Have you lived in such an atmosphere or are all your opinions based on progressive publications or media?

        I have very close friends in France, Germany and Italy. Trust me, none of them are feeling very safe these days. I imagine that feeling of dread will continue to grow. What’s to stop it. They have allowed or encouraged an invasion and are paying the price for that foolishness. I’ve been to Egypt, Indonesia and Turkey. I’ve seen the culture in their home land. Have you had that experience? I’m sure as an American female you would not relish being treated like a muslim female in either nation. No sensible/sane American female would.

        The number of times a follower of any religion prays every day is not an indicator of peaceful purpose. If it were the Christian genocide that is taking place in the middle east and parts of Africa would not be a reality. You do know that Christians are being raped, beheaded or forced to convert don’t you? Or is that information not covered by your data base options?

        I am not familiar with the muslim charity efforts you describe. I am familiar with Catholic hospitals and churches that care for the indigent. My local parish feeds several hundred people a week. For free. I have never seen any such generosity from a muslim organization. Especially during the time I lived in Detroit. I served on 3 boards during that period. All 3 were oriented toward helping children. In over a decade we did not have one muslim participate. Not one. And the muslim population of the Detroit metro area is quite large. None the less not one contributed to our efforts. Please appreciate these organizations had budget in the millions to tens of millions of dollars so they were quite visible. Yet not one muslim stepped up to help. In any way. That certainly does not fit your description of their generosity.

        If you want to welcome muslims to your community that puts you in lock step with obama. After all over 99% of the immigrants from the middle east are muslims. Sort of strange considering it’s the Christians who are the ones being murdered, raped or forced to convert. Makes me wonder why the numbers are so lopsided. I guess it’s just part of the fundamental change he promised. Yep, that’s just what America needs. Tens of thousands of new people on the welfare roles. Perhaps you will do some research and learn the obnoxiously high percentage of these new arrivals are on and will continue to be on the dole. Heck I guess that just gives them more time to pray.

        I don’t have to listen to a broadcast to learn about muslims and islam. I lived next to their hood and did business in their home lands. That was sufficient exposure for a lifetime for anyone perceptive enough and willing to see through the facade liberals and democrats paint.

        • Lisa
          March 31, 2016 4:10 am

          You know what muslim and islam are? Is it a joke?

          Your ignorance about islam is at the height of my hopes, OMG!!

          About the ridiculous facts you take (forcing conversion, raping women, etc..) and I note you are a big follower of the medias about this topics you will find some post I have written in last September for people like you who confuse terrorism and religion, and only islam because of course terrorism doesn’t exist in judaism, in christianism, in boudhism, etc..


          • Donald Durdan
            March 31, 2016 7:51 pm

            Still waiting for you to cite personal experience demonstrating peaceful muslims. You know the kind where you visited their Nation or lived in their hood.

            Also still waiting for you to cite examples where Christian or Jews or any other religion but muslims are beheading people, forcing people to convert or raping because their book tells them it is ok to do so.

            So step it up and cite real worl examples or admit you are the media lap dog. Not me.

            • Lisa
              April 1, 2016 6:24 am

              I’m wondering if all is ok in you? Just because I gave you a lot of proofs that you say is absolutely wrong, ie the long post about Palmyra for example…and you seem not understand anything..strange very strange…

              I can easily see Donald your deep hatred against muslims, so what do you propose? To kill them all like this idiot of Trump?

              Is it because you have the same name that you must have the same ideas?

              Do not worry I will give you 1000 examples about terrorism ..but I can not spend all my time to answer you but I will do it.

              • Donald Durdan
                April 1, 2016 5:20 pm

                Just tell me how a peaceful religion can behead, rape or force conversion of tens of thousands of Christians and other religions. If that’s your idea of peaceful you should be able to justify your comment.

              • Donald Durdan
                April 2, 2016 6:21 pm

                I’m still waiting for you to describe acts of beheading or rape or forced conversion by any religion other than muslim. Those acts by muslims are on display every week in our media and around the world.

                I really don’t see how anyone, even you, might think those acts are done by peaceful people within a peaceful religion.

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  3. Tyler Durden
    March 25, 2016 3:38 pm

    I would bet the house that the person in that pic is NOT the person who composed those tweets. Whomever it is, he was looking for a reaction and he got one. You shouldn’t have given him any recognition at all. It’s exactly what he wanted.

  4. MattDC
    March 31, 2016 9:55 am

    Ginny — Now that you’re covered in bees, where are you going to find the active volcano?