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Reason number they don’t make a number that goes that high …

… why I love David Conrad.

With Consol Energy Center having finishing touches put on it, there’s quite a bit of debate happening here in Pittsburgh about what should happen to the Igloo.

The Mayor, Arlen Specter and Dan Onorato are leading the way to have it torn down because they want to “reconnect the Hill with downtown.”

Chad Hermann basically annihilated that theory like it was the world is flat theory.

There is a grassroots effort that is really gaining steam thanks to The People, who believe the Igloo should be repurposed and celebrated for the history it holds within its retractable dome, which by the way, I have never seen open in my life, except for the movie Sudden Death.

I think I was really on the fence about this issue, because, well, the building is old, and do we have to save EVERY old building and wouldn’t it be nice to redevelop that area?

But Chad’s post really pushed me over the fence onto the “keep it” side.

And then David Conrad cemented my feet down on that side of the fence because, check out an email I received from the administrator of the Reuse the Igloo Facebook group, of which I am a member:

Good Morning Reuse the Igloo Supporters!

A number of things are happening behind the scenes! We have received a challenge grant of $7,000 from the actor David Conrad (CBS Ghost Whisper and a great supporter of Pittsburgh history architecture and culture) to commission an independent economic assessment that will challenge the incomplete and biased study by Oxford Development. We will set up a page for donations for the match.

Even if your gut tells you we should tear it down, you’ve got to respect the commitment he’s making to at least making sure all the facts are uncovered so that the right decision is made.

All right, between this and this and now this, who among you still doesn’t count yourself as a fan of David Conrad’s, or will I simply know you when I see you shoving sweet old ladies out of crosswalks, you hater of awesome people?

Random n’at.

1.  It is January. It is snowing.  This is Pittsburgh.  I do love snow.  I do love winter. BUT THIS IS A LOT OF WINTER HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!


And Mr. Jeff Verszyla isn’t helping matters what with his gloomy twitter tweets.  Read from the bottom up:


Okay, I’ll stop.  But seriously. WAH!

My left breast for a drop of sunshine.

2.  I just realized that while I won “Best Blog” this year in the City Paper poll, they never invited me to the party at the Rex for the winners.


[shakes cute little fist]

But if you voted for me, thank you!

3.  Here’s something I HAVE been invited to attend.  I was nominated by Coro-Pittsburgh for the Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Award.

First, it’s ridiculously flattering and unexpected and I AM SO NOT WORTHY.

Second, if you take a look at the dinner and selection committees, you will understand how VERY interesting this will be.  Filled with former NEED board members and friends of NEED and also the Mayor and Dan Onorato and lots of important people, some of whom I’m sure that when they say the word “blogger” they say it like this “blog[gag]er.”

But show up I will.  With my head held high.  With my husband at my side.  And I’m going to shove my face up against someone’s boobs so that the Post-Gazette will take my picture and it will have the caption of “Blogger formerly know as PittGirl, Virginia Montanez, wearing early 2000s TJ-Maxx.  And a scarf.”

I kid, but really, it is quite an honor, especially considering how much good Coro does.

If you are going to be there, too, please come talk to me!

Here’s what I’ll be doing:

That picture was taken at the ESPRIT event by Mr. Bill Peduto.

Jim Lokay and Bill really are good sports, yinz guys.

4.  Here’s a fun little app for your iPhone or iTouch:  YinzBar!

Find a friendly black and gold-painted face where ever your travels take you!

5.  Next Saturday is the Mascot Skate at Schenley Park should you wish to take your braver children.

I won’t be there because my daughter would kick those mascots in their respective junks if they came near her. And then as they fell to the ice, she would go ninja and slit their throats with her skate before asking me for a juice box.

Can’t say I blame her because that is a seriously scary-looking group of furries.

Also, I can’t freaking believe Steely Freaking McBeam is still freaking alive.

I would pay good money to see Kenny the Kangaroo take his punk ass out with a few well placed upper cuts. To the junk.

(h/t Susan and Dawn)

6.  Kelly Frey and her husband brought Baby Bennett to Kelly’s first day back on the air and there’s a video in which the cutie pie muffin opens his eyes and cutes all over the dang place. CUTE! And miraculous.

See.  Miracles really do happen, which gives me hope that one day I’ll get my miracle.

You know, coming out of the grocery store to find that Secret Agent L has tied Daniel Sepulveda to the hood of my car.

(h/t Toni)

Random n’at.


1. The next person that emails me along the lines of, “God, Ginny. I expected to see you ranting about Jeff Reed this morning, not see a pigeon post. You better get cracking on the Steelers post,” is going to get evil-eyed by me.  First, when last I blogged, I had a one-year-old.  Now, I have a two-year old.  Would you like me to explain to you in detail the difference between those two, because if you think the answer is “one year,” I have a Sharpie-covered kid I’d like to show you.

Second, most of my posts take me 5 minutes to write. What They’re Really Thinking takes me a good hour. Give me a bit of time.

2.  While you’re waiting, feel free to go read my latest column over at the magazine. It’s about the Steelers. I discuss Skippy, The Asshat, and even that horsey-toothed traitor Bill Cowher.

3. One thing keeping me very busy is my whip-cracking (and not in the good way) husband. “Do this. Do that. I need this menu. I need this invitation. I need this sexual harassment policy. I need this insurance. When’s the website going live?”  The bad news is I might kill him. The good news is he just took out a killer life insurance policy$$$$.  The REALLY good news is that Las Velas Mexican Restaurant finally opens on Friday, October 2 for both lunch and dinner. The restaurant is located above Prantl’s Bakery at 21 Market Street.

I will be there for lunch and dinner on Friday and dinner on Saturday, so please, stop in, spend your money, bail my unemployed butt out, say hello.  The food is divine and the margaritas are strong. What more could you want?  If you’re a reader, ask for me if you don’t see me so that I can meet you.  Maybe I’ll sneak you a free drink if that pigeon-loving, whip-cracking son of a mother doesn’t catch me doing it.

4.  It’s Monday.  Good day for a good cry.  Reader Emily linked me to these beautifully photographed photos of Kelly Frey and her husband Jason. Here’s a reminder why the photos are so heart-wrenching.  Still praying for that miracle.

5.  From Steely McStupid. HAH!:

Love it.

6.  If you haven’t commented yet to be entered to win Steelers tickets, go do it.  Also, I’ve got another giveaway happening in October. One lucky winner is winning several awesome prizes.

7. Ruth Ann Daily says “We are ready!”

8. We are also ready to close up shop. Take a look at the latest list of schools, cultural centers, businesses, etc. that are closing for the G-20.

9.  The P-G (pronounced П Г in Russian [GENO!!!]) scored a sit down interview with President Obama in which he said:

“We look forward to seeing the people of Pittsburgh.”

Let’s see, 1. Luke Ravenstahl 2. Dan Onorato 3. Convention center employee 4. Hotel employee

So FOUR, he will be seeing FOUR people of Pittsburgh. Represent!

He also said:

“Mayor Ravenstahl I think has really led the charge on this. Governor Rendell has been terrific. So across the board, what you’ve seen, I think, is the best civic spirit.”

Somewhere, Dan Onorato is all, “WTF?!”

Oh. Em. Gee. 20. Eff.

I wasn’t blogging when it was announced that Pittsburgh would be hosting the G-20 meeting, so you and I haven’t yet had a chance to talk about it.

When I first read the news, honestly, my initial reaction was, “Wow! That’s really cool! Woo!”

About a half a second after I finished saying, “Woo!” I had one of those fast-paced staccato image montages run through my head.  You know, like how on MTV where they don’t believe a viewer has the attention span to sit through any one image for more than 2.5 seconds, so they will instead fast-fire image after image after image to the beat of a drum all BAMBAMBAMBAMBAM and by the time the images are done flashing you have a little headache and you can’t be 100% sure you didn’t just download a secret government message to your brain and maybe a little bit of kung fu know-how, too.

So the images that are rushing through my brain 100 miles a second? These ones.

Maybe it’s un-American of me to not want the protesters in my city, but you know what? I don’t want the protesters converging on my city. I don’t want the pushing, the shoving, the anger that bubbles and bubbles until finally it boils over and suddenly there’s blood.  I don’t want the shouting and the fist-shaking and the mask-wearing and the sign-waving and the ridiculous demands to abolish money or the police or jails. I don’t want the tent cities popping up on my city’s river shores.

I don’t want anyone touching a single hair on my city in the name of anything other than beautification.

I don’t want 20 world leaders descending on Pittsburgh under the guise of “showcasing Pittsburgh’s economic recovery” when the real reason they’re here is because half a dozen other cities said HELL NO! and our starstruck Mayor and County Executive never got past the “Woo!” moment to take a look at the realities of what bringing the G-20 here means.

They didn’t consider the logistics of managing the security teams, the handlers, the caravans, the entourages of not just one, but TWENTY world leaders and the security teams, the handlers, the caravans, the entourages of their TWENTY high-maintenance spouses.

They didn’t consider the cost.

They didn’t consider the fact that they would likely have to shut the entire city down for two days, forcing some companies to close for two days, some companies to demand two days of mandatory vacation from all of their employees, and some companies to inform their workers they’ll need to walk about two miles from their cars to work for two days.

They didn’t consider you or me or our streets or our windows or our beautiful city.

They didn’t consider the litter.

They didn’t consider the damage we might see, the legal fees in lawsuit after lawsuit we might see, the mass chaos we will see, all in the name of proving to the world, once and for all that we’re not smoky, sooty, nasty Pittsburgh anymore.

I’m TIRED of hearing it. I am sick of hearing, “Hey! Come to Pittsburgh! We’re not dirty anymore!  We’re like really cool and trendy now! Woo!”  You know what? We’ve been named the most livable city in America.  The ninth best in the world.  Our city is regularly showcased on the national stage through sporting events, conferences, etc.  We rank high on just about any list you can come up with that rates various aspects of city awesomeness, and yet still, we have a self-esteem issue as a city. “Hi, I’m from Pittsburgh! I know what you’re thinking …”

Screw that!  I’m from Pittsburgh!  It is a world-class city with the best hospitals and colleges in the country, a booming technology center, a cultural district that will knock your socks off, hip restaurants, trendy clubs, beautiful living spaces, thriving neighborhoods and I don’t need the “generosity” of 20 world leaders gracing us with their presence long enough to hold two-days worth of useless meetings to confirm that for me.

It’s like the girl in high school who was pretty but shy and kept to herself because she never truly looked in the mirror at how wonderful she really was.  One day, she does look in the mirror, says hey, I’m pretty awesome, shows up at school with a new confidence and says, “Forget who I was.  This is me now.”

Pittsburgh, it’s time for us to stop looking at ourselves like this, as depicted by the local Tribune Review’s editorial columnist:

It’s time to look in the mirror and say, “Holy crap. I am AWESOME.” and to hold our heads high and say to the world, “I’m not going to keep reminding you of what I was. This is what I am now.”

If only Dan and Luke would have said that three months ago.

If only they would have gotten past the Woo! moment to say, “Mr. Obama, with all due respect, we’re fine, thanks.”

Call me un-American, call me anything you want, but I’ll tell you what I really am.  I’m a Pittsburgher and my God, I’m PROUD of it.

And don’t a one of you protesters lay a finger on it.

The Dread Lord’s secret life

Major scoop.

In his spare time from destroying people with simply the power of his evil thoughts, the Dread Lord Zober formed a hip-hop boy band!

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(h/t JonH who let me know about JibJab sendables)