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And … success.

Bret Michaels reigned victorious in his battle to get me to love him when TMZ filmed him arriving at his home in Arizona and he was randomly wearing a Buccos of Suckitude ball cap.


All it took was a ball cap. Who knew I was this easy?

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Dear Bret Michaels,

Stop trying to make me love you.



Dear Oprah,

It is spelled with an H.


Also me.

(h/t Mama Moose)

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Random n’at.

1.  Good cold windy leafy morning, Burghers far and wide.

If you live in Miami or Arizona and it’s like 80 degrees today and sunny, try not to be too jealous of us up here in our turtlenecks and cute stripey scarves.

Not everyone can be as lucky as us.

2.  Pittsburgh Magazine’s Jonathan Wander interviewed me for their November issue.  An interview which he tells me came about as a referral from Justin of STBD fame.

You can read almost the entirety of our IM interview here and you can pick up the magazine to see what Jonathan had to say.  The interview will give you some information you’ve already heard and some information that might be new to you, including exactly how old I am, who I love, who I hate, and what I would change about our city.

I love the illustration, like I’m some blogging monster arising out of the confluence (ding!) to tell the whole city to be quiet.

I want that image in a larger format so that I can get it framed or something.

3.  Please read Najeh Davenport’s Wiki page and scroll to the bottom and give yourselves a GIANT PAT ON THE BACK!  Davenpoop!  The Defecator!  The Poopetrator!  They’re things!

But I don’t think we can take credit for The Dump Truck.

4.  Speaking of Najeh, look at Google’s suggestions when I start typing in “Najeh Dave…”


5.  An up close and personal look at a PittGirl nightmare.  Try not to shit your pants.

(h/t Joe and Jayesel)

6.  The vintage Pitt shirt made another appearance on How I Met Your Mother and reader Ann Michelle is trying to find a place to purchase it.  Anyone know where she can buy it?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Dread Lord Zober?

7.  An email:

Dear PittGirl,

I volunteered to house Phil – the runner who is going across the country to Atlantic City – on Friday evening as he ran east of Pittsburgh.  He spent the night in Ligonier after running for the day between North Versailles and Ligonier – 36 miles for the day (without the buggy – I picked it up for him – that stretch of Rt 30 is dangerous!).

He had a grand time with the folks from the Mario Lemieux Foundation while in Pittsburgh.  When he asked how I found out about him, I mentioned your blog and he mentioned that they (the folks from the foundation) knew about your blog.   He was grateful for the mention and that people would take that information to help him out.

Just thought that you’d be happy that your blog indirectly was able to help him out.


It does make me happy!  Run, Phil!  Run!

And remember, it’s for sick kids.  YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THE SICK KIDS.

8.  The Canadian Press on Troy Polamalu.

9.  David Conrad’s Jim died on Ghost Whisperer on Friday, and will now continue acting on the show as a ghost.  Rob Owen says in the comments of his Tuned In blog:

Wait ’til you see what comes next. I didn’t even understand all of it, especially in the third episode of this arc, but it seems like quite a stretch for a reset.

“Quite a stretch for a reset.”  Hmm.

I’m going with David’s character’s soul is eventually going to enter another body.  His twin’s body.  A twin we never knew about until now.

Yeah, that’s totally it.

10.  Lots of awesome pictures of David’s loft in the PG over the weekend, including a picture of his bed.


I’m sorry.  I think I blacked out there for a minute.

Oh, hey look, there’s a picture of David Conrad’s bed!


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Let’s talk about my firstest, bestest, awesomest self-united husband and future best friend David Conrad.  Boys might want to bloop-bloop-bloop, but the ladies might want to stick around.

1.  First, readers Wayne and RuthAnn sent me a link from the Wall Street Journal showing that David’s Strip District loft is for sale.


3,300 square feet, one bedroom, two baths. Monthly charges $250/month, taxes $13,000/year.

DETAILS: David Conrad, a Pittsburgh native who stars in CBS’s drama series “Ghost Whisperer,” combined two units to create this massive brick-and-concrete space. Glassed garage doors open to reveal two balconies, which are inlaid with tile mosaics. There are no interior walls: A soaking tub sits at the back of the loft, and one of the toilets is tucked away in a corner.

My first thought was, “Look how pretty!”

My second thought was, “Wait.  Is David leaving Pittsburgh?!  Oh. Hell. No.”

My third thought was, “Hmm. That basement dungeon of mine might be getting some use soon.  I wonder if the shackles will be too small for his ankles and I wonder if he’ll object when I offer to shave his face for him.”

My fourth thought was, “I am going get to the bottom of this shit.”

So I did.

The word from David via email is that he is not leaving Pittsburgh; he is just “downsizing” to a much smaller place.

And also he indicated that the bathrooms are actually huge, so a big fat whatever to the WSJ.  Uh, that’s MY big fat whatever, not David’s.  I’m sure David’s would be more like, “Forsooth.  The misinformation provided by those jackals at the Journal is limitless and also, I love PittGirl.”

So in summation, David Conrad will not be forever shackled to a wall in my basement and kept guard by my two ferocious poop-eating terriers.

Bottom of shit.  Gotten to.

2.  In addition to not leaving the Burgh, according to the Ghost Whisperer producers, David is also NOT leaving the show.

3. BAM!

That’s his photo from the TV Guide article.

“Surprisingly, the actor doesn’t own a place in Los Angeles, but in Pittsburgh, his hometown: “I feel like I contribute more economically if I’m still part of that community.”


4.  Finally, David’s movie Tamas about his beloved Kiski teacher is opening the Three Rivers Film Festival this Friday (tickets here) and you can also catch it cheaper on November 22.

David will be at the screening this Friday.  Tell him PittGirl sent you and please, remember your lines.

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Random n’at.

1.  When a co-worker swings by the desk and asks for say, a french fry or perhaps even a handful of chips.  Fine.  Happy to help.  Here ya go.  What’s new with you?  But when a co-worker swings by the desk, sees me eating a cream cheese bagel sandwich and asks me to “cut out a wedge” for them … just no.

Not unless you want me to lick it first.

2.  I don’t know who this “Anthony” guy is, but he might have the art find of the century over at T&A.  I mean, would you look at that sexy?

3.  While the Twittering Teddy Bear doesn’t freak me out THAT much, it’s only a matter of time before someone makes a Twittering Scary Dead-Eyed Doll and then the day that doll looks at me, blinks one eye and says, “I’m going dark now,” I will lose my shit and cut its head off.  Swear to God.


4.  Boy was BIL ever wrong about Rocco vs. Tiger.  Can you imagine if Rocco had pulled it off?  Mass hysteria.  Bummer.  I could have used some mass hysteria yesterday.  Any excuse, actually, to run screaming down the street.

5.  Many a reader has emailed me or commented, accusing me of being a jinx to the Buccos of Suckitude because five times they’ve come within one win of .500, five times I’ve written about them being one win away, and five times they’ve run away from it screaming in horror.  Fine.  Next time the Buccos get within one win of .500 I’m going to keep my fingers quiet about it and not write a word.  If they lose, it will prove I’m not a jinx and that they just really suck balls.

If they win … OMG.  Newfound power.  Mwah-hahaha!

6.  Would someone please explain to me why freelance writer Alan Petrucelli in writing a piece for the PG previewing Joan Rivers’ upcoming show at the Byham, felt the need to add this line in an otherwise perfectly fine article:

Rivers has said yes to cosmetic surgery — some say too many times; not to be catty, but some of the excessive nips and tucks have sometimes made her look like a Siamese cat.

I mean, absolutely mention that she’s had craploads of plastic surgery done, but going so far as to write in “One of America’s Great Newspapers” that the woman you’re interviewing looks like a Siamese cat is like writing about Oprah Winfrey with, “Winfrey has put on quite a bit of weight recently — some say too much; not to be catty, but this excess weight is making her look like a zoo elephant.”

How the hell did that not get edited out?

7.  If you Google David Conrad, The Burgh Blog is now the FOURTH listing below only IMDB, Wiki, and TV Guide.  Watch your back, TV Guide.

8.  Finally, if/when the Buccos of Suckitude remember that they’ve only got a limited amount of time to perform their swan dive down to last place, this will be a great card to send to your friends, as reader Allison sent to me.

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