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Random n’at

1. [insert weather whine here.]

2. Jamie Dixon, coach of the Pitt men’s basketball team, made almost $1.7 million last fiscal year, up over $300,000 from the previous year.

I’m sure there are good reasons that a good basketball coach is imperative to the health of a school’s athletic program and that somehow that athletic program turns into a lure for students or something something something. But right now my brain is rejecting all of that on account of ONE POINT SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS. BLLLLLLLLL.

It should be noted that he made a million bucks more than Chancellor Nordenberg.


3. PNC Bank is apparently the mystery buyer of almost a complete block of real estate along Wood Street/Fifth/Forbes corridor, likely planning a new skyscraper for that plot, rumored to become their new headquarters.

And here I was betting it was Point Park University buying up the plots.

4. Yesterday was the primary elections and a few important things happened:

  • Bob O’Connor’s son Corey, he of the desperate need of a spot of Dippity-Do, is likely to take over his father’s old council seat in November after his primary win yesterday. I’m dying to see what his relationship with Lukey will be like. As for Corey’s big issues:  “He said his first priority … will be ensuring the delivery of basic services to residents of the district. Asked to elaborate on where services need to be improved, he replied: ‘Obviously, potholes. Everyone complains about potholes.'” Ah, the War on Potholes. I thought we surrendered on the battlefield and gave our cars up to sinkhole graves.
  • Doug Shields lost his his bid to become a district judge, which he gave up his city council seat to run for, leaving his political future in Pittsburgh quite uncertain. Somewhere, Lukey is celebrating all, “DIET PEPSI AND PROCLAMATIONS FOR ALL!”
  • County Executive’s race is down to the Democrat County Council president Rich Fitzgerald, and the Republican Raja, who as far as I can tell, goes by one name. Raja. Madonna. Cher. Snoopy.  Raja is already advertising the cah-rap out of himself on the front page of the  As Randy Jackson would say, “He’s in it to win it, dawg.”

5. Kate and Peter’s Treehouse is coming along nicely now that a new location within Frick Park has been identified. In order to ensure that the resulting play space and structure is truly a community-supported effort, a series of meetings is being held to allow the public to give feedback. The first meeting already took place and included neighborhood children. Amy said it was wonderful. She’s asking for community attendance at the next meeting:

Thursday, June 2, 5:30 – 7:30pm
Frick Environmental Center, 2005 Beechwood Boulevard

Everyone is welcome at this outdoor session, where we’ll be visiting the location of the treehouse and asking everyone for their ideas. Following this activity, the project team will begin to develop design concepts.

This will lead up to a June 28 meeting when the preliminary design will be unveiled for input. All this working towards a final goal of allowing Amy to memorialize her children, something she has known she wanted to do since they died two Aprils ago.

6.  Another memorial event will be taking place this summer, as mentioned before on this site, the Lisa Clay Styles Memorial Race taking place June 25. On the site, her husband calls her, “The best damn woman I’ve ever seen.” I love that. So raw.

Lisa is the young mother who was killed by an under-the-influence driver while running with her child in a stroller in Mt. Lebanon. The race is looking for support in the form of sponsors and volunteers. Go help them!

7. The latest video in RiverLife’s “Living in a River City” animated video series is just adorable, this one a young girl named Louise’s story.

The animated flotilla is awesomesauce.

YouTube Preview Image

Love it!

8. This damn rain is making me use words like awesomesauce.

If I say bombdiggity, someone just bitchslap it out of me.

9. Pittsburgh’s Spanish immersion preschool La Escuelita Arcoiris is holding what sounds like a ridiculously fun event this weekend called Salsita! at the Opera featuring “tapas, sangria, y baile,” which my incredible Spanish skills translate for you to “tapas, sangria, and DANCE YOUR PANTALONES OFF.”

If I had known about this school before my kids were too old for it, it wouldn’t have taken my son until he was eight to learn how to roll his Rs.

Unfortunately now that he’s learned how to do it, he doesn’t just say, “Arrrrrrrrrrriba!” he says, “Carrrrrrrrrrrrrrots,” and “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrandma!” and to his sister, “Dorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk!”

Then I get to say, “You’re grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrounded! Arrrrrrrrrrrrriba!”

10. Sidney Crosby and Jordan Staal are living the high-life in Cannes, France for the film festival, taking in screenings and enjoying after-parties on yachts.

I’d like to live the high-life one day, but knowing what a giant dork I am, I’d probably just fall off and belly-flop so hard my nose and ears would bleed.

I’m the bombdiggity like that.

[throws signs]

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Random n@.

1. I hate Tom Brady with a renewed passion each week. I’m not saying I want him to get a brain-eating amoeba or anything, but I wouldn’t have any sleepless nights if he, like, got MRSA.

2. Two drinks courtesy of Mayor Lukey who obviously wants to give us a reason to use alcohol to nurse the pain of losing to the Broncos.

I have proudly carried on many of his programs, while creating an aggressive agenda of my own to move Pittsburgh forward.

As the financial health of our city continues to move forward, so too do our efforts in job creation and economic development.

Bless your heart, Lukey, and your inability to say anything new.

(h/t Bill)

3. People, if you haven’t yet joined me on the “Sidney Crosby rocks so hard it makes me dizzy” train, please read this story, and then run alongside and jump aboard because this train of awesomeness stops for no one.

If I ever come gorgeous face to gorgeous face with Sidney Crosby, I am going to grab that kid and hug him so hard his hair is going to grow. I don’t care if a bro tases me for it either.

4. At first I thought this Craigslist ad must be a joke, but you know what? If you watch the 11:00 news for two weeks straight and see some of the toothless, bare-chested next door neighbors that get interviewed and/or arrested … yeah, this could totally be true.

(h/t Jim)

5. Reader Amanda wrote:

I need your help getting to the bottom of the mysterious disappearance of bus shelter(s) along Forbes Ave. in Oakland. Why is it that just as the harsh winter approaches (if this global warming shit ever goes away) they remove our shelter from the storm? Who is responsible for this maddening annoyance? Port Authority? Or perhaps the Carnegie Museum felt the shelters were an eyesore. Grr. I noticed the missing shelter this afternoon (Oct. 19) at the corner of Forbes and Craig. I’m told the one down the block by Dippy was also removed.

OR maybe we can blame it on the three entities I blame everything on: pigeons, zombies, and/or scientologists. Now if a zombie scientologist with a pet pigeon ever approaches me, my head will explode.

Anybody know anything about this? Anyone? Zober?

6. Good looking, educated twins and chances are ten to one that they can kick your ass … or at least run you over with a Stryker.

7. David Conrad. Arms.


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Random n@.

1. Do you belong to the Church of St. Tomlin? I bet you don’t have to stand for four stinkin’ hours at the Church of St. Tomlin. (h/t Queen Bee)

2. I need this shirt. (h/t PGS)

3. This photographer is quite obsessed with the City of Pittsburgh and its gorgeous skyline. Simply some of the best work I’ve ever seen. My faves are here, here, here, and every single one of these. (Update: Site appears to be down for a bit. Keep trying.)

He’s also got some pictures of Bill Cowher’s house.

I’m warning you, if you don’t live here anymore, this site is going to make you super homesick.

(h/t Burgh Baby’s Mom)

4. Do you guys watch Dexter on Showtime? I don’t. This might have something to do with the fact that I don’t get Showtime. Maybe, maybe not.

If you watch it, then you’ll be interested in this email I got from Kate at Showtime:

Dexter, America’s Favorite Serial Killer returns September 30th at 9pm ET/PT on Showtime.

To celebrate, Showtime will be making a splashy scene in 14 US cities this Thursday. Meet us at PPG Place, Downtown to pick up your advance DVD with the first episode of Dexter season 2 and be sure to bring your camera to capture the scene. ­ It should be pretty colorful!

She tells me this is open to the public. I have no idea what’s actually going to happen there, but the words “splashy” and “colorful” make me think the PPG fountain will be involved and maybe some finger paints. I have no idea. Let me know.

4. Luke sent out an invite to the community to join “me” for a discussion on the new casino. “Me” as in Lukey, not “me” as in PittGirl. Anyway, “me” didn’t show up for the meeting because he was in Boston for a previously planned engagement. So I’m just letting you know that Lukey pissed some more people off.

I think Lukey needs a new desk nameplate:

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WAY better than PittGirl.

In response to the recently discovered vision list of Bob O’Connor, the Angry Drunk Bureaucrat … (this marks the first time I have ever spelled bureaucrat right the first time I tried.  This is going to be a good day.) … has posted Lukey’s to do list/vision for the city of Pittsburgh.

The author “O” is in rare form because this shit is hilarious.

Click here to read the post and here to read the list.

My personal favorites:

  1. The US Pittsburg/US Americans doodle.
  2. The outside of the box doodle.
  3. Crossing “Danny” out and writing “Dorkface”
  4. “Love with my heart”
  5. The little hearts around the Mrs. Tiger Woods-Ravenstahl doodle.
  6. “Get monkey butler”
  7. “OMG!  This is dumb!”
  8. The C- given to the list by “YZ”

This is for sure going to be a classic post.  Now I feel inadequate in my witticisms.  But hey, I spelled bureaucrat right the first time!  That’s something. Right?

Go read it.  Tell him PittGirl sent you and that she is not worthy.

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Lukey moves backward.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Man, Lukey is taking this Redd Up thing way far.

He’s been seen boarding up houses a la Bobby O, but hey, Bobby O never rappelled down Mt. Washington.

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl joined people picking up litter on the side of Mount Washington on Saturday.

Ravenstahl hooked up to a rope and repelled down Mount Washington, picking up litter with the other volunteers.

Wouldn’t it have been the weirdest thing ever if a mayor died while redding up by rappelling down picturesque Mt. Washington?

Chill. I’m not saying I want it to happen.

Anyway, Lukey went above and beyond and that is pretty awesome.

Know what else is awesome? WPXI’s use of the word repelled in place of rappelled.

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