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Hug me like you mean it.

Speaking of Lukey, he handily won the endorsement of the Democratic Party yesterday.

The PG ran this photo (stolen shamelessly by PittGirl).

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I’d like to point out three things.

1. Lukey is still wearing the Bob O’Connor bracelet.

2.  That might be the most awkward hug ever caught on camera.

3. “I Like Luke” might be the lamest assest campaign slogan ever. If only they went with “Moving Forward with Luke” then we could all be drunk off our asses 24/7 … with a legitimate reason for doing it.

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Dear WQED,



All right, I’ll admit it. This year’s Pittsburgh Magazine 25 Most Beautiful People contains a lot less abject fug than last year’s dismal, barf-inducing edition.

While I’m throughly annoyed that Wendy Bell, Matt Lamanna, David Conrad, Bruce Gradkowski, or Troy Polamalu were not selected, I’m not gagging at the faces I’m seeing. Way to finally get in touch with your superficial selves and actually put pretty decent people in the magazine.

1. You get extra kudos for showing me how smokin’ hot Verron Hayes is. And you get extra kisses for putting him shirtless on the cover. Hello!

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2. If anyone had to take the obligatory newscaster slot from Wendy Bell, I’m cool with it being Darieth.

3. Susie? From Road Rules? Just no.

4. If anyone is going to use the words “spiritually beautiful person” in her profile and not sound like an oddball saying it, you know it is going to be the wife of Troysus Polamalu. Troy is a lucky boy and she is quite possibly the luckiest lady on the planet.

5. Anthony Henderson’s facial hair skeeves me out.

6. There isn’t a straight man in the Burgh that isn’t going to be completely in love and turned on by Lance Corporal Kristyn Stewart. Beautiful AND she can kick ass? All right, I’ll say it for them. Yum!

7. I’ve never heard of Patrick Jordan.

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However, with the hot looks and the Burgh love, I gotta think he needs to be me and David Conrad’s friend too. We’d be like the hottest trio to ever hit Starbucks. Time would stop.

8. I’m not even going to mention Peggy Harris or her hat. Ay.

9. I’m on record that Corey O’Connor has the potential to be hot. Way to take that potential and squash it like a little bug. Fug picture and I can’t help but notice the blatant lack of hair product. Oy.

10. A big thank you for not including any of the following: Luke Ravenstahl, Ben Roethlisberger, Yarone Zober, Jeff Reed (gag), Evgeni Malkin, or Sally Wiggin (I wouldn’t put it past you).

Overall, well played, WQED.



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Holy crap! What is WRONG with this city government.

In an interview in The Pittsburgh Catholic Newspaper in which he doesn’t really say anthing we haven’t heard before … Lukey dropped a huge bomb in the last few paragraphs. A bomb so big that PittGirl actually said “Holy SHIT!” out loud in her office:

“From that perspective, I definitely want to continue what Bob started. Now that being said, as a 26-year-old, I bring a new perspective. For example, the computer that’s in my office is the first computer ever in the mayor’s office.”

Please tell me that’s not true. This is 2006, people!

Murphy and O’Connor didn’t even have computers in their offices? I’m afraid to ask if the City Council has computers in their offices. How the hell do you do your job if you don’t have a computer? My computer was tied up for 30 minutes yesterday to run SpyBot and I was actually shaking a little bit by the 25th minute.

The first computer EVER in the Mayor’s office. Man. I wonder if it is MS DOS?

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That Luke Ravenstahl is one hilarious bastard.

There is a big black cloud of political fighting hanging over the City/County Building today, as a result of Lukey’s plan to name a former driver and bankrupt business owner (at least that’s what I’m told) Dennis Regan as the director of public safety.

And then the claws came out:

  • Doug Shields, NOT a Lukey ally, says the city code made that position irrelevant and “chided” the Lukey administration for not knowing the code.
  • Commander Catherine McNeilly wrote an email to the mayor and the entire city council claiming that Dennis circumvented her attempts to discipline one Det. Francis Rende who called in sick 37 times over 4 years to work side jobs. Something Det. Rende admits to. Det. Rende is the brother of Marlene Cassidy, Regan’s live in love and Mayor O’Connor’s former secretary. Marlene’s son and daughter also were hired by the city. Marlene is the HBIC.
  • Catherine McNeilly doesn’t much like those of the O’Connor administration because her husband, former police chief Robert McNeilly was fired by O’Connor when he became mayor, due to some past issues the two had when O’Connor was on city council.
  • Then Peduto publicly denounces the appointment because Regan has no experience.
  • Then Jim Motznik, who is an ally of Lukey’s and HATES Shields, claims that Shields is just trying to duck the vote.

And to all this, Lukey says:

“My number one priority is to make sure that politics stays out of the decision-making process,” the mayor said.

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Oh, that was awesome. I needed a laugh like that. Good luck with that, Lukey.

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I’m here to clean your street … would you like a Vicodin?

Hilarious shit first brought to my attention by reader Anthony and now being reported by the PG:

The foreman of the Redd Up Crew was busted for selling Vicodin at $5 bucks a pop.

He was hired shifted to this position by Bobby O’s administration and had this to say:

Kurt R. Staudenmaier, 36, of the North Side, is charged with possession with intent to deliver prescription medication.

According to an affidavit that supports his arrest, Mr. Staudenmaier told the officer that he had 19 Vicodin pills that he sells for $5 each.

“If a friend needs some and they don’t have any, I’ll sell them just to help them out,” Mr. Staudenmaier is quoted in the affidavit as saying.

Aw. What a great friend! He’s just looking out for the urgent medicinal needs of his friends.

Dude, a true friend would have given them away for free.

And the fact that the man in charge of cleaning the city’s drug houses up is also running drugs? The word is “IRONIC”.

He hasn’t been punished by Lukey yet, but I’m sure Lukey will start “moving forward” on that any second now.

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