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Because they were requested:

Video of Joey Porter and Bill Cowher GETTING IT ON, BABY!

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Video of Corey O’Connor’s Terrible Towel wave (second story in the video).

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Is this the Steelers parade route?

Faithful reader “Yinzer” sent me an email pointing out this photo from the PG showing what appears to be a woman waving a Terrible Towel as the Mayor’s funeral procession goes by:

Then I found this one too:

I can’t decide if these ladies are doing a cool thing, if these ladies are doing a disprespectful thing, if these ladies are doing a stupid thing, or if these ladies think they are participating in another Steelers parade.

As Yinzer said:  “Only in Pittsburgh.”


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And now a word from the Big Redd Up

Checking out my recent comments, I noticed that good ole’ Yarone Zober posted another comment (this comes following an email I received a week or so ago confirming that YZ is in fact THE Yarone Zober).

He writes:

Now that I am no longer Deputy Mayor, I can let you know that I did jokingly respond and dub myself the Big Redd Up. Though Mayor O’Connor has tragically passed, we hope you will all join us in our continued effort to continue his legacy by making Pittsburgh the cleanest and safest city in America. Now that I am, mercifully, out of the public eye, you are invited to email me at to share your ideas on how to keep the Burgh on track toward being the greatest city we can be. Thanks for the shou out, Matt Logue, media superstar. And BTW, for all you bloggers out there… I am not gay, though if I were I would be proud to proclaim myself as such.

Yarone “YZ” aka “the Big Redd Up” aka former deputy mayor Zobe

Now, here’s what I find the MOSTEST interesting … the gay comment.  Why?  Because recently, I’ve gotten people from as far away as Texas googling “Yarone Zober gay” and landing on my blog.

So there you have it you Googlers … Yarone Zober.  Not deputy mayor anymore.  Not gay.

Now we should turn our attention to more important matters … once again asking ourselves that troubling question:  How is it that EVERY person PittGirl writes about eventually acknowledges her, yet David Conrad chooses to act as if I don’t exist?

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Can we stop the world for just a sec, please?

Where to begin?

  • Friday, I hear the news that the Mayor died. Sucks. Expected, but it still sucks.
  • Sunday brings word that Benny is now sidelined with appendicitis and is likely to miss the first two games. Great.
  • And then Monday, CRIKEY!, awesome hyperactive dude Steve Irwin gets his heart ripped into by a stingray of all things.

I don’t even know what to say to all of that. I’ve no great fitting words about the Mayor. As I’ve said before, I’ve met him several times, I liked him, and I think it bites that he died. I’m a little dumbfounded that it appears that Lukey will be Mayor until 2009.

As for Benny? I want to have faith in Charlie Batch, but I don’t have faith in Charlie Batch. This may be a game I have to watch through the comfort of the holes in an afghan.

Steve Irwin. WTF? I bet NO ONE had him next in their celebrity death pool at work.

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Random crap.

1. I was in Barnes and Noble on Smithfield this morning to pick up the September issues of some of my favorite mags (You’re thinking Cosmopolitan aren’t you? Try Whirl and Pittsburgh Magazine. I’m all about the Burgh, baby!), when I noticed that the Starbucks cafe there had a big sign indicating that PittGirl’s favorite Pumpkin Spice Latte was available again. I’m happy; I’m joyed; I’m sipping it now (decaf, skim, no whip) and could just full mouth kiss the next person that walks into my office. But I’m not going to do that, because with my luck the next person that walks into my office will be a pigeon. I bet they totally know how to work elevator buttons.

2. Mysteries of Pittsburgh filming is in full swing here downtown, as far as I can tell, mostly centered around the streets below Grant but above Liberty. Signs such as these are popping up:

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Yesterday, huge trucks filled with cameras, lighting equipment, etc. were parked in front of the Regional Enterprise Tower. I tried, but could find no glimpse of Mena Suvari as I walked by in my effort to find her, worship her, then ask her if she knows David Conrad and has he ever mentioned PittGirl?

3. The Mayor is apparently on his deathbed, as his Chief of Making Shit Up seems to finally be telling the truth:

“The mayor has gone from day-to-day to hour-by-hour,” Mr. Skrinjar said.

I can’t imagine what it must be like, but If I had to guess, I would say that waiting in a hospital room while your loved one slowly dies would include lots of moments of standing by the window looking down on the bustle of the street wondering why those people are allowed to go about living while you’re here waiting for dying. Sigh. I’ve met the Mayor on several occasions and compared to the times I have met Mayor Murphy, I can tell you that Mayor O’Connor ran a MUCH more relaxed and informal office. I appreciated that.

4. When/if the Mayor dies, will Mr. Skrinjar become Luke Ravenstahl’s Chief of Making Shit Up or does Luke get to find his own Chief of Making Shit Up? Assuming Luke accepts the role of Mayor that is.

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