Since 2006, I have a saying, “I’m gonna put that on a shirt.”

Well, I finally put something on a shirt!

I partnered with Fresh Factory, the same local online store that sells the SOFTEST Pirates raglan ever, to offer two Burghy shirts inspired by my site. All of the proceeds I receive from Fresh Factory from the sales of these shirts will be donated to Genre’s Kids With Cancer Fund, a local 501c3 organization dedicated to helping Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh families through the fight against childhood cancer. Plus Fresh Factory is throwing in some money too, bringing the total of $10 of each shirt sold will go to the Fund.

The first shirt is the vintage-looking I Brake for Tunnels shirt, because even if you don’t WANT to brake for tunnels, here in Pittsburgh there is a 90% chance that you will be forced to brake for a tunnel because of all the other jagoffs out there braking for tunnels.

This is not just a cotton shirt. This is a tri-blend, so it retains shape. You can click here to purchase the shirt, which runs a bit small, so girls, if you order a small or extra-small, it will have a girl fit. Remember to use code “CHURCH” at checkout to get 10% off and so Fresh Factory knows to flag that shirt as a referral from my site, which makes sure Genre’s Fund will get the money.

The second shirt is “Jagoffs Make Me Stabby,” because anyone who has ever encountered a jagoff on the Parkway knows how stabby one can get.

Also a cotton/polyester blend for a smooth, soft shirt that is available in both men’s and girl-fit sizes. Again, proceeds go to Genre’s Kids With Cancer Fund and you can use code “CHURCH” to get 10% off!