What a day in the Burgh!

I know I tend to come off as a rose-colored-glasses-wearing Pollyanna (“PollyBurgher”?) who thinks that everything and everyone “rocks”, but believe me, the Burgh is rocking today!

It is a glorious morning and not only that, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Bruce Springsteen, and Mrs. Kenny Chesney Renee Zelwegger are all in town today. According to the morning radio, the rumor is that the Boss is taking the stage with Kenny C. tomorrow at Heinz Field. So hey, even if you hate country music, you might enjoy the Boss right?!

Also, ran into some fishermen this morning as I gathered my iced coffee at Starbucks. I must say, there is a certain attractive quality to these fishermen in town for the Bassmaster Classic. They have this distinct, odd blend of athleticism and hickery (is that derogatory?) that for a brief flash, can seem kind of sexy. Obviously, I need to have my morning coffee to set my brain straight.

And finally, the entire city has a smile on its face, even the bat-shit crazy dude that started yelling God knows what to me this morning as I strolled down William Penn Way, and the nice taxi driver that assured me that yes, that dude is in fact nuts.

Ah. The sky is blue, the rivers are calm, and I am looking down on PNC Park with nary a smidge of haze in sight. This city does rock.

More tonight when I name the “Annoying Pittsburgher of the Week.” Unless Hines Ward calls me. Then I’ll let ya know straightaway.

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