LaMont Jones, Pittsburgh’s own Cojo!

Oh, LaMont (big L, small A, big M” Jones)!

Not only is LaMont having the wool pulled over his eyes by the likes of Cassie Keller (which by the way, you would not believe how many people Google the name “Cassie Keller” from all over the country and land on my blog), he is also expanding his resume to include International Style Guru and Mr. Manners:

First, a dude in Colima, Mexico wrote Pittsburgh’s own LaMont to ask a style question!

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Mexico! “These are sweet brown leather pants I got at the Mercado. What shall I wear them with? I know, I’ll email LaMont Jones in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA! He’ll know just what to do! Mama! Necesito utilizar la computadora!”

LaMont, you go, boy.

And then, some very very very confused dude wrote the Fashion Editor to ask an etiquette question! I think Cat’s Call would have been a better place to go for that question, but maybe that’s just me.

My point is this: People seem to be looking to LaMont for answers to a wider and wider variety of questions. My question is this: How long until LaMont becomes the next Cojo?

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