The Burgh’s Mom of the Year Winners!

Winner of the Under 25 Category: Kely Jo Wigginton, 21 of New Stanton! Congrats!

Leaving your infant in your Corsica while you go in the bar and drink for 45 minutes.

You suck. Allegedly.

Winner of the Over 25 Category: Lori Ann Bowers, 28 of McDonald! Congrats!

Giving patients the wrong medicine at the medical facility you work at so that you can swipe the methadone to give to your friend as payment in return for WATCHING YOUR CHILD.

“Hey, I know you’re a raging drug addict and all, so can you be my babysitter in exchange for free drugs? Cool!”

You suck. Allegedly.

Your “You are a shitty mom and the entire city hopes your children are taken away from you so that they can have good lives” certificates are in the mail, along with your “Annoying Burgher” crowns.

Get some help.

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