Go Dan, go Dan, go go go Dan!

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Danny Onorato took a page from the Bobby O book of Kicking Ass and Taking Names after he read the article in yesterday’s PG about how Stewart Sutin and some of his board members like to dine, lodge, and travel extravagantly at the taxpayers’ expense.

Faster than you can say StewartSutinisonhiswayout, Dan took action:

County Chief Executive Dan Onorato yesterday ordered a halt to any future reimbursement for travel by Community College of Allegheny County officials that isn’t properly documented.

He also called for an immediate review of all planned trips.

Mr. Onorato, who appoints the 15-member board, said that from now on, any college travel “had better be travel that is needed and be of specific benefit to the college.”

“If you don’t have documentation,” he said, “You don’t get paid.”

“I’m frustrated that the college leadership put itself in this position,” he said. “I’m frustrated with it and a little upset. These are common sense issues.”

Hisssss.  Fierce!

Having previously pegged Danny as a big lump of nothing but showing up where Bob did, I’m pleased to see this ferocity!

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