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If I cover my ears and go real loud, “LALALALALALAICANTHEARYOULALALALA” during the entire press conference, does that negate the quitting? He can’t quit if we can’t hear him do it.

I’m a genius. LALALALALA.


  1. honda driver
    January 5, 2007 2:47 pm

    check out the article on deadspin. the nfl won’t be the same without him.

  2. Mr. Mon
    January 5, 2007 2:59 pm


    The evening news for the next week is going to be nothing but an hour of, “Cowher, Cowher, Cowher, Cowher, Cowher… Oh, and as an aside, 50 people died in an explosion in the South Side. Film at 11:00.”

    Dammit once again!

  3. Ruby Vroom
    January 5, 2007 4:13 pm

    Oh, Bill, you will be missed. : (

  4. Sofa King
    January 5, 2007 5:09 pm

    I know I’m taking this too far, but for the past few weeks it has felt a little like watching a terminally ill family member slip away, and today we just got word that they passed. You come to expect it, but it doesn’t make the news any easier. For 15 of my 26 years Bill Cowher was a constant on the Pittsburgh sideline, spit-flying, jaw-jutting, but underneath it full of heart, character, and charisma. In some small way he came to embody the ethic and good humor of our city and came to be somewhat of a father figure to SWPA and the Steeler Nation everywhere. If he comes back to another team, it will be surreal and unsettling to see him pacing the sidelines in any colors but the black and gold.

    Sitting at my desk here at work, I actually got a little misty-eyed looking at the slideshow on Apparently, it looks a little odd when a 6ft3, 225 lb. man gets teary-eyed over football, but then again, this is Redskins Country, so what the hell do they know?

  5. the_suburbanite
    January 5, 2007 5:20 pm

    Welcome to Ken Wisenhut, the next coach. The Chin will be missed, no doubt.

  6. mimi
    January 5, 2007 6:07 pm

    The 5 p.m. news spent the first 30 minutes dedicated to telling you everything about Cowher. I am sick to death of it …. God, don’t we have anything else to talk about instead of worrying what a greedy multi millionaire is going to do with the next few years of his miserable life? Get over it people – he is moving on. He and Kay and the kids will not starve. They will do well in their mansions in NC and make a nice chunk of change from the sale of the mansion in Fox Chapel.

  7. Jim Fiscus
    January 6, 2007 4:14 am

    Well Bill, thanks for the memories. Good Luck on your future endeavours. Time for a little ‘How do I get that small white ball in the hole?’ thinking time or ‘Where is that game for my daughter tonight?’ Anyhow, Bill, enjoy your time off from coaching. I have enjoyed your defensive coaching side of football, in which you and Dick LeBeau are king, but please if you come back, please come back to Pittsburgh with more offensive coaching as some of the stress levels will be probably never be reached again due to some very questionable calls over the years. If you should go to another team to coach in the future, go to NC State first before going to another NFL team. It will take some time to allow me to see you on the sidelines for another team, but as a visitor to Heinz field, I only hope not. You are Pittsburgh, family born and bred, we are proud of you as a friend and neighbor to all of us & thank you for one for the thumb. We want you to think of coming back to Pittsburgh to coach first, before money might take you elsewhere for $10 million a year or more. Good Luck & Best Wishes in whatever you should do Mr. Cowher! Respectfully, Jim of Ross Twp, now living in London, England.

  8. John LaRose
    January 6, 2007 7:01 am

    The Steeler Nation mourns.
    Black & Gold tears are being shed.
    Thank you Bill, for all of the memories.
    No matter where you go from here, in my eyes you will always be a Pittsburgh Steeler….. A Hall of Fame Pittsburgh Steeler!

    John LaRose…. York, Pa.

  9. Bram
    January 6, 2007 8:57 am

    Whoever’s next better be one hell of a personality, or he’s gonna get savaged.

  10. Another Expat Burgher
    January 6, 2007 9:25 am

    The buzz in the Burg when Noll quit was eerily the same. Nobody was good enough to replace Chaz. Yet a quick 2-3 years of Cowher Powher later we’d all but forgotten the 4 time SB winner coach.

    Change hurts. We’ll get over it. And if/when he returns to another team, I for one am hoping the Stillers have to go on the road to face him in a Championship game.

  11. malificent
    January 6, 2007 5:18 pm

    I’ll admit it, I’m not a sports fan. But sometimes I feel like I’m living in another, sorta parallel, dimension in this town.

    Over the last few days, as I desperately search for local news on the radio/TV/print, all I hear about is this multimillionaire coach, who only won 1 super bowl in all his years in Pittsburgh, and has now decided to retire.

    We have some big issues in this city, like:

    the Port Authority telling us it’s cutting 60% of its service

    a police commander is in federal court with her complaint against our mayor

    the gaming board decided we shouldn’t take the offer with a paid for Pens’ arena, so now our elected officials are looking for hidden pots of tax dough to pay for it

    And on & on. Ugh.

  12. Erin
    January 8, 2007 8:47 am

    Thank you Bill!!

    Bring in the Wiz!