Smoking Hot Burgher

In case you boys are looking for a good candidate for a self-uniting marriage in your head, can I suggest:

Meet the newest member of the Smokin’ Hot Burger family.

The hair, the makeup, the outfit, the brain. Everything. Perfect.

Also, KDKA? Alison Morris + stripper pole story = record ratings.

Just sayin’.

(h/t Spoon)


  1. Woy
    October 1, 2007 11:32 am

    Man Spoon, you do love your female correspondents!

  2. Woy
    October 1, 2007 11:34 am

    You do have good taste, I might add.

  3. Callin dibs!
    October 1, 2007 11:35 am

    Already had the self-uniting marriage ceremony with Alison Morris, Sonni and Stephanie Watson….I called it!

  4. Darwin Police
    October 1, 2007 12:14 pm

    I’d hit it like a piñata on Cinco de Mayo.

    And I don’t even go for blondes as a general rule.

  5. spoon
    October 1, 2007 12:39 pm

    Woy, Alison alone takes out the WPXI trifecta of Newlin-Krista-Trisha I used to love and is why I now only watch KDKA in the morning.

    When I first saw that clip I though “Holy bajeezus spoon! she’s wearing a wet suit!” but why would she be wearing that in Oakland unless there was another water main break or it was “National Wash a Hippie Day.”

    Then it dawned on me… “Sweet Jesus! Alison is goin all Matrix!” Yeah, that was a good day.

  6. The Bag of Health and Politics
    October 1, 2007 12:42 pm

    The Stripper pole story…it must be ratings sweeps time again!

  7. DW
    October 1, 2007 1:09 pm

    Even more beautiful in person…I think my jaw was open the entire time at a recent event I saw her at.

  8. joey
    October 1, 2007 2:06 pm

    OT: Anyone surpised that 93.7 The Zone is gone after 6 months?

  9. Cinco d'Morris
    October 1, 2007 2:07 pm

    What’d she do, lose 20 lbs and get a makeover?

    She’s been around for a while.

  10. Callin dibs!
    October 1, 2007 2:26 pm

    Not surprised at all joey…with a line-up with the MacYapper and Scott Paulson Im surprised it lasted THAT long…Im more surprised that Hi-Tops is closing its doors according to the PG

  11. joey
    October 1, 2007 2:43 pm

    CdM: Have you ever seen Allison Morris up close and personal? She’s so skinny as it is she can’t afford to lose 20 lbs.

  12. merman
    October 1, 2007 2:47 pm

    She seems like the type of girl that would rip some bong hits and go with you to Sally’s Apizza late night.

  13. sean
    October 1, 2007 2:53 pm

    alison is a skilled black jack dealer too, besides being a nice person (i only met her once, at a charity event for cytic fibrosis, but she seemed to be pretty cool to me, very friendly)

  14. Bram R
    October 1, 2007 3:15 pm

    yeah, no objections

  15. Cinco d'Morris
    October 1, 2007 4:24 pm

    No, I’ve never seen Alison in person. The only one I see from time to time is Darieth Chisolm at the grocery store in my neighborhood.

    That’s one woman who has charisma and style…

  16. Lokay
    October 1, 2007 5:06 pm

    Sean, were you playing at the same table when I took over dealing? That was a great night.

  17. PittCheMBA
    October 1, 2007 10:40 pm

    The pic from the video clip says it all. No need to add any comments, she is definitely a Smoking Hot Burgher.

  18. bucdaddy
    October 2, 2007 12:56 am

    From the screen cap alone, she’s … OK. You guys are easily impressed. On the other hand, I’m the guy who got Sonni and Stephanie confused …

  19. Citygal
    October 12, 2007 3:13 am

    I heard she hooked up with Sidney awhile back after leaving Privilege together. The woman is a cougar. I agree with whomever said you are too easily impressed. There is nothing special about her.

  20. Matt
    February 15, 2008 8:02 pm

    Shes fat from the waist down and bitches all the time. am I the only one who thinks her voice is nasally?