Bonics Heart Beats shirt sale

It wasn’t too long ago, December 2 to be exact, that 30-year-old DJ Bonics of KISS 96.1 fame and Wiz Khalifa fame had a heart attack.

Which is terrifying from a social media acquaintance standpoint, so I can’t imagine the terror he, his friends, and his family felt.

30-years-old and BOOM! Heart attack.

As would be expected, that opened his eyes to a world of healthier living and he is now starting up the Bonic’s Heart Beats Foundation with 96.1’s Mikey’s wife Jamie to encourage those under 40-years-old to live with a young-at-heart attitude that results in a healthier, more active life.  As Jamie writes:

Our main goal is to bring awareness to everyone that heart failure doesn’t discriminate by age, sex or race it can in fact strike anyone. Our first order of business is to sell awesome shirts to help raise money to throw a big event in the summer.

In line with that young-at-heart theme, the foundation is selling these Kid@Heart shirts, which just went on sale today, with all proceeds going to Bonic’s Heart Beats:

Here’s Bonics sporting the shirt:

I’m told girl-fit shirts will be available soon, but in the meantime, get the regular fit while they last.

More details on the shirt design and where you can purchase them here!

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